Over the last few years we have opened our doors to the public and along with our HUGE perennial selection we have added a number of varieties of vegetables, herbs, and small fruits to our catalog. In 2018 we will expanded our growing to ANNUALS. We will have a nice variety of hanging baskets as well as patio pots and small containers for planting. These will be available early May and throughout the spring and summer. Get your garden growing with Twin Orchards!

• Raspberry 'Heritage'
• Raspberry 'Latham'
• Rhubarb 'Victoria'

HERB VARIETIES (4.5" Pots) (Sold out for 2018)
• Basil 'Cinnamon' 
• Basil 'Dark Opal' 
• Basil 'Genovese' 
• Basil 'Sweet' 
Cilantro coriander
Dill fernleaf
Lavender 'Hidcote' 
• Oregano 'Italian' 
• Rosmarinus officinalis
• Salvia sage (common)
• Thyme 'English'
* Thyme 'French' 

VEGGIE VARIETIES (4.5" Pots) (Sold out for 2018)
• Broccoli 'Green Magic' 
• Cauliflower 'Winter Dream' 
• Cucumber (slicing) 'Bush Crop' 
• Cucumber (pickling) 'Bush Pickling' 
• Eggplant 'Black Beauty' 
• Green Pepper 'North Star' 
• Pepper 'Anaheim' 
* Pepper 'Cute Stuff Red' 
• Pepper 'Jalapeno' 
• Pepper 'Pablano' 
• Pumpkin 'Jak-O-Lantern'
Tomato (heirloom) 'Beefsteak' 
• Tomato (heirloom) 'Cherokee Purple'
• Tomato (heirloom) 'Green Zebra' 
• Tomato 'Early Girl' 
• Tomato 'Golden Honey Bunch' 
* Tomato 'Jubilee Golden' 
• Tomato 'Roma' 
* Tomato 'Super Sweet 100' 
* Tomato 'Sweet Gold'